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Dodger News 12/27/2010


The Dodgers have acquired minor league left-handed pitcher Michael Antonini in exchange for infielder Chin-lung Hu who heads to the Mets.





Brent Leach has been DFA'd by the Dodgers and reports are he's headed to Japan to play.





Dodgers have signed 32 year old, former Twin reliever, Matt Guerrier. The deal is reportedly for 3 years and 12 million dollars. It is backloaded but what else is new now a days? Everything rests on a physical.


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October 18th, 2010 by Tom Miller (aka DJ's Canvas)


It's no secret MLB players lead a hectic life. One can say well why not? They get paid big bucks, they should and it goes along with the lavish lifestyles of what most of the top dollar players make. Afterall, nothing in life is free and working hard to achieve your success comes with the territory.



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